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Updated: October 8, 2011
Beach City Emergency Management Bulletin: revised 08/19/09

1.        Chambers County Emergency Management sent a red "BURN BAN" flag for Beach City to raise when a burn ban is in effect.  The flag will be displayed below the U.S. flag at the Beach City Community Building when a "BURN BAN" is in effect.

2.        Chambers County Emergency Management Coordinator, Ryan Holzaepfel, recently sent out the following information regarding the County Callout list.  I highly recommend adding cell phone and VOIP (internet) phone numbers to this list as soon as possible (ASAP)!

"I'm sure most of you are aware that the county is able to do mass automated dial-outs to deliver important messages.  However, there are a few shortfalls we have noticed.

*        If you have an IP phone such as Vonage, your number isn't listed in our 911 database.
*        If you don't have a landline and primarily rely on your cell phone, that number isn't in our 911 database either.
*        Lastly, if you are not home and do not answer the call, your recorder may not get the message.  That's when you would want your cell number on the list as well.

Therefore, if you or someone you know would like your cell phone or Vonage number added to our callout database, please reply by email (
ryan.holzaepfel@co.chambers.tx.us <mailto:ryan.holzaepfel@co.chambers.tx.us>) or give us a call at the office (409-267-2400).  All we need is your name and 10 digit phone number.  Please spread the word to your friends and family."

3.        And, finally, please be aware of a change to the Government Code during the last legislative session regarding mandatory evacuations and civil liabilities…..
SECTION 1.16.  Subchapter H, Chapter 418, Government Code, is amended by adding Sections 418.185, 418.186, 418.188, 418.1881,
418.1882, 418.190, and 418.191 to read as follows:Sec. 418.185.  MANDATORY EVACUATION.  (a)  This section does not apply to a person who is authorized to be in an evacuated area, including a person who returns to the area under a phased re entryplan or credentialing process under Section 418.050.       (b)  A county judge or mayor of a municipality who orders the evacuation of an area stricken or threatened by a disaster by order may compel persons who remain in the evacuated area to leave andauthorize the use of reasonable force to remove persons from the area.       (c)  The governor and a county judge or mayor of a municipality who orders the evacuation of an area stricken or threatened by a disaster by a concurrent order may compel persons who remain in the evacuated area to leave.       (d)  A person is civilly liable to a governmental entity, or a nonprofit agency cooperating with a governmental entity, that conducts a rescue on the person's behalf for the cost of the rescue effort if:             (1)  the person knowingly ignored a mandatory evacuation order under this section and:                   (A)  engaged in an activity or course of action that a reasonable person would not have engaged in; or                   (B)  failed to take a course of action a reasonable person would have taken;             (2)  the person's actions under Subdivision (1) placed the person or another person in danger; and             (3)  a governmental rescue effort was undertaken on the person's behalf.       (e)  An officer or employee of the state or a political subdivision who issues or is working to carry out a mandatory evacuation order under this section is immune from civil liability for any act or omission within the course and scope of the person's authority under the order.

Governor's Division of Emergency Management

Hurricane Preparedness Guidelines
Preparing for Hurricane Season: June 1 -Nov. 30

Residents of Texas Gulf Coast EVACUATION ZONES should BEGIN NOW by making an evacuation plan, preparing an emergency kit and learning evacuation routes well in advance.

If you have special health care needs, register by dialing 2-1-1:
Gulf coast residents with special health care needs (including those who are disabled or medically fragile) who live in evacuation zones and do not have friends or family to help in an evacuation should register for assisted transportation in advance by dialing 2-1-1. The 2-1-1 transportation assistance registry must be dialed IN ADVANCE. Do not wait until a storm is in the Gulf to register for assistance.

If you need transportation, register with 2-1-1
If you do not have a car or other vehicle, and you cannot get a ride with friends, neighbors or family, register IN ADVANCE for assisted transportation by dialing 2-1-1.

Evacuation zone information:
If you are interested in registering and you want to find out if you are living in an evacuation zone, dial 2-1-1.
American Red Cross
National Hurricane Center
CO-OPS Storm Surge Live Web Site  
US Dept. of Homeland Security- FEMA
US Dept. of Homeland Security-
Governor's Division of
Emergency Management

Chambers County OEM Facebook page
You do not have to be a member of Facebook to view the information.  Facebook is a quick an easy way for us to post photos, video, and other information.  If some of you recall, during Ike we were trying to get photos of the area emailed out to everyone, and there were some problems we encountered.  Hopefully, now, I have found an easier way by creating this group, so I'll give it a try and see how it works.
Ryan Holzaepfel
Chambers County
Emergency Management
PO Box 957
Anahuac, TX  77514
Office:  409-267-2445
Fax:  409-267-4133